Hello Broncos!

Since 2014, I have been a middle school counselor.  This is my first year at BeulahAs a school counselor, I am passionate about student voice, mentoring, and creating safe and supportive learning environments.  In middle school, students develop the tools to be successful as learners, friends, creators, athletes, and leaders.  The most rewarding aspect of my position is helping students discover their strengths and transform into confident broncos.  Counseling activities celebrate their strengths, highlight their goals, and prepare them for high school and beyond.  Every day is an adventure!  To view this full site, click here: bit.ly/bpmscounseling

Role of a School Counselor

As a school counselor, I advocate for students to ensure they have a positive and successful middle school experience.  I work with students individually, in groups, and in classrooms to promote academic, social, emotional, and career development.  I collaborate with educators, families, and the community to support the diverse needs of students and improve achievement.

Counselors offer support in areas including:

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