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Bethany Hambleton

What's Your Plan?

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College Credit Plus Program

College Credit Plus is a program that allows middle and high school students to earn college credit and high school credit at the same time.

College Credit Plus (CCP) courses are offered at all of our high schools and all of these courses are Columbus State Community College courses. Students also have the option of taking courses on the college campus. If you are interested in College Credit Plus, please contact Mrs. Hambleton directly by phone or email.

This can be a confusing process, and I am here to help answer questions. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at 614-801-3500 or email me at

** see presentation below

High School Scheduling Information

Curious about the process of scheduling for high school? See the Freshman presentation and handouts below.

Comet Welcome Night 2019.pdf

2019-2020 CCHS Freshman Presentation

Schedule Planning Sheet 19-20 - 9th grade.pdf
Comet Welcome Night Packet 2019.pdf
GCCHS 2019 Incoming Freshman Curriculum Night Presentation.pdf

2019-2020 GCHS Freshman Presentation

GCHS Freshman Registration Sheet 2019-20

SWCS 2019-2020 Course and Program Offerings Book


Career Technical Education Information and Electives

Copy of CTE Did you Know_.pdf
Copy of CCP/ALC Parent Night Presentation Jan/Feb 2019 (Recovered)