Our Teams

Brookpark Middle School offers the following athletics:

Boys: Football, Basketball, Wrestling and Track

Girls: Volleyball, Basketball, Cheerleading and Track

Football - Coach Chris Herring chris.herring@swcsd.us

Coach Brian Rohrbacher brian.rohrbacher@swcsd.us

Cheerleading – Coach Alyssa Dowden alyssadowden637@gmail.com

8th Grade Volleyball – Coach Amanda Dewalt amanda.dewalt@swcsd.us

7th Grade Volleyball – Coach Emilee Downing emilee.downing@swcsd.us

8th Grade Boys Basketball – Coach Kevin Heacock kevin.heacock@swcsd.us

7th Grade Boys Basketball - Coach John Kuhn john.kuhn@swcsd.us

8th Grade Girls Basketball - Coach Jennifer Caton jennifer.caton@swcsd.us

7th Grade Girls Basketball - Coach Michelle Walker michelle.walker@swcsd.us

Wrestling - Coach Brian Rohrbacher brian.rohrbacher@swcsd.us

Track - Coach John Kuhn john.kuhn@swcsd.us

Coach Wayne Cummerlander waynecummerlander@gmail.com