Our Staff

Name and Position

Alta Abram, Head Cook

Amanda Adkins, Science

Melissa Arnett, Intervention Specialist

Cathy Belcher, Physical Education and Strength and Fitness

Jessica Bennett, Language Arts

Mike Binely, Social Studies and Entrepreneurship

Michelle Bortner, Art

Emily Bricker, Math and Mobile App Design and Coding

Courtney Briscoe, Intervention Specialist

Pattie Brown, Aide

Holly Carr, Principal

Chad Clark, Assistant Principal

Amy Dauber, OT

Ricky Day, Social Studies

Denise Diaz, Secretary

Matt Enders, Intervention Specialist

Jennifer Eschbach, Technology

Becky Forbes, Cook

James Ford, Wellness

Genna Fragale, Language Arts

Jared Goble, Social Studies

Craig Hartzel, Head Custodian

Bethany Hambleton, School Counselor

Theresa Hanson, Psychologist

Mandy Hunt, Language Arts

Jessica Jacobs, Math

Erin Johnson, Social Studies

Glenda Kenner, Intervention Specialist

Amy Kimmel, Science

John Kuhn, Science

Name and Position

Debbie Landis, Secretary

Heidi Wess, Nurse

Marion Lawless, Social Studies

Connie Lebo, Aide

Steve Lyons, PM Custodian

Rob MacConnell, Math

Jackie McCammon, Band

Sue McCarthy, Math

Rachel Mendozza, Health Aide

Sergei Mikulich, Orchestra

Brent Nowak, Science

Amy Pace, Language Arts

Ray Pack, PM Custodian

Angie Pennington, Aide

Janet Porter, Intervention Specialist

Mike Reed, Math and Financial Literacy

Melanie Retterer, Science

Melissa Saunders, Intervention Specialist

Loren Savage, Science

Michelle Smith, Intervention Specialist

Stacey Stevens, TESOL

Jen Stolfi, Language Arts

Ellen Tate, Choir

Kerri Taylor, Speech

Jackie Tufts, Intervention Specialist

Barbara Uadiski, Health Aide

Brian Weiss, Physical Education and Strength and Fitness

Kathy Whittington, ERC AIde

Pattie Wiggins, Aide

Kelly Willman, Math

Mollie Wright, Intervention Specialist